Everything you need to know

  • How do I open an account?

    • Choose the service you require
    • Complete Legae’s account opening application form
    • Post or hand deliver the original application together with the following FICA documents
  • What FICA documents are required to open an account?

    Individual accounts

    • Original certified copy of ID document, passport or drivers licence
    • Original certified copy of bank statement in your name, not older than 3 months, or letter on bank letterhead confirming your bank account details, or a cancelled cheque.
    • Original certified copy of a utility bill not older than 3 months (Rates & Taxes, Cell phone Account, Telkom, SABC licence, short term insurance policy) confirming your physical address
    • Original certified copy of SARS documentation confirming the clients name and income tax number


    Trusts/ Investment clubs/ companies

    • Separate set of documents are required. Contact Legae to request.
  • How long does it take to open an account?

    It takes 2 working days from the date that the required documentation is received

  • What is the minimum investment value?

    Managed portfolios – R250 000

    Non-discretionary – The minimum portfolio value is R50 000 with a minimum transaction value of R10 000 recommended

  • What trading products do we provide?

    JSE listed Equities

  • How do I trade once my account is open?

    To place an order contact Legae Securities Private Client team via email or telephone to give the instruction:

    011 722 7330


  • How can I access or view my portfolio online?

  • How do I change or reset my password?

    Visit http://privateclients.legae.co.za and click on the link to reset or change password

  • How do I change my postal address, contact details, bank details?

    For changes to the following:

    • Email/Contact number – send an email to digibroker.co.za confirming your Legae account number and new email address
    • Address – send original certified copy of utility bill in your name, not older than 3 months confirming your new address
    • Bank details – send an original certified copy of your bank statement or letter from bank, not older than 3 months confirming your new account details
  • How do I request a tax certificate?

    Send an email to Digibroker@legae.co.za

  • What is dematerialisation of shares?

    It is the process of converting a physical share certificate into an electronic format. This is required by the JSE before the share can be traded.

  • What is the process to dematerialise a share certificate?

    • Open an account with Legae Securities to facilitate the process
    • Send the physical share certificate together with Legae’s account opening application and FICA documentation
    • Once the account has been opened, the shares will be registered into the account and an account opening statement confirming the holdings will be sent to the account holder
  • How do I transfer my portfolio from my existing stockbroker to Legae Securities and how long will it take?

    • We will provide you with a transfer instruction form that you will be required to complete.
    • Send the transfer form together with a copy of your share account statement to your existing stockbroker and to Legae Securities (digibroker@legae.co.za)
    • We will contact your existing stockbroker to arrange the transfer.


    If there is a change in beneficial ownership the transaction is completed after 5 working days.

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Should you have any further questions, please send us your query, info@legae.co.za