Private Clients

Personalised equity investment strategies

Legae provides broking services to high net-worth individual investors, employee share schemes, investment clubs and first-time investors.

Our key focus is the provision of a full and comprehensive investment service.

We provide our clients with dedicated portfolio management functionality or the opportunity for individual investors to directly manage their own share investments.

We pride ourselves in creating personalised equity investment strategies that meet the objectives of our clients.
The products and services we offer include:

  • Portfolio management services
  • Non-discretionary trading accounts
  • Corporate share scheme trading
  • Dematerialisation of physical share certificates

Discretionary/Managed Share Portfolio

A managed share portfolio provides the client with an attractive and convenient solution, whereby all the investment decisions are taken by Legae’s investment team.

The portfolio is tailored for individuals or investment clubs, with a long-term investment plan.

Our aim is to strengthen the performance of our client portfolios according to their investment objectives.

Our stock picking universe is limited to JSE listed equities.

We have a comprehensive, consistent investment approach built around our valuation process.

Value is discovered via fundamental, bottom-up analysis with a preference towards companies with the following characteristics:

  • Reliable history
  • High quality earnings - high cash conversion ratios
  • Healthy balance sheets (low gearing, high interest cover)

We are careful to ensure that portfolios are diversified among sectors and companies. Relative to the composition of the JSE Allshare index, we do not take extreme views with regards to diversification between broadly defined JSE sectors; resources, financials, and Industrials, although shareholding within sectors may be fairly concentrated.

Minimum investment size: R250 000

Non-Discretionary Trading Account

A non-discretionary trading service is offered to clients where all investment decisions are taken by the client.

It is best suited to clients who want to trade more actively and have a basic understanding of the market and the companies they are investing in.

Legae clients contact our dealing desk directly to execute a trade. The trade will be executed as per the client’s instruction.

Corporate Clients

Legae Securities provides an efficient and cost effective facility to corporates, their directors, senior managers and employees.

Legae has an excellent track record having serviced some of the biggest listed corporates on the JSE for over 15 years, providing a comprehensive level of stockbroking services.

Dematerialisation of Physical Share Certificates

The JSE requires all listed shares to be dematerialised, a process whereby physical share certificates are converted to an electronic format, before any trading can take place.

The process to be followed:

  • Send Legae the physical share certificate together with Legae’s account opening documentation and the required FICA documents
  • Once the account has been opened, the shares will be registered into the account, and a monthly statement confirming the holding will be sent to the account holder.
  • In order to facilitate this transaction, you will be required to open a stock broking account with Legae Securities.

Settlement Obligations

Please see the Settlement Obligations.

Complaints Policy

Please see the Complaints Policy.

Client Membership


1. Choose the service you require

2. Complete the account opening application form

3. Post or hand deliver the original application together with the required FICA documentation

Our investment team are readily available to assist you with the process or any queries

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